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I’m a cyber security professional, an advanced amateur genealogist and a thinker. Every project I’ve taken on was guided by my curiosity and diligence. I will be using this space to showcase my current and past work, to detail upcoming plans and to showcase what I do.

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The Scannery

In 2019, I took my full time hobby of genealogy one step further and started to digitise my family archives - cine film, VHS tapes,...

DNA companies - which do I go for?

There is no easy answer to this. There are three main DNA companies to test with, and I've done them all indivudually. Here's the order I...

The Best Free Genealogy Tool

Genealogists are an amazing, warm and kind community. We all try to help one another wherever possible. I started my genealogy journey...

Lockdown Family Reunion

The biggest pleasure of genealogy - coming across other genealogists! Unfortunately when genealogy is your full time hobby, the vast...

2020 Vision

What will 2020 be remembered for? Coronavirus. Covid-19 has very sadly been added to my family tree for two people. The Husband of a...

Digitising Your Family Archives

If you ask most that old scenario about if their house is burning down and there is only time to grab one thing, what would it be?...

How DNA Helped Me

The most important part of DNA tests is who else does them. Without this, you have nothing to compare with. I first saw my results in...

How My Genealogy Journey Started

The purpose of this blog is to help people with how to pursue both DNA matches, follow family tree lines, to talk about my genealogy...

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