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From Tapes to Time Capsules: Saying Farewell to The Scannery

The film strip on our story has reached its end, and what a rewind-worthy one it's been! Back in 2020, with VHS tapes yearning for a second act and camcorders collecting cobwebs, Rebekah and I dared to step onto the cutting room floor of history. The Scannery was born, a haven for dusty reels and faded frames, ready to be transformed into digital heirlooms. Five years later, with hearts full of nostalgia and fingers still nimble from splicing countless films, we stand ready to say goodbye.

Why close, you ask? Well, love, like a well-edited montage, can sometimes change the narrative. In February, Rebekah and I trade our rewind buttons for wedding rings, embarking on a new project: a life together.

But before we hit "play" on that future, a colossal, confetti-filled THANK YOU is in order. This wouldn't have been a story without its incredible cast, and that cast was just the two of us.

To Rebekah, my partner in this time-capsule crusade, my fellow film alchemist: you were the master of dusty celluloid, the magician who breathed new life into forgotten faces. Thank you for being my rock, my sounding board, and my best friend forever. Here's to building a whole new future together, hand in hand, nostalgia forever woven into our lives.

To our customers, the stars of our show: every tape entrusted, every laugh shared over rediscovered memories, every "wow" whispered while reliving past adventures fueled our journey. You commissioned journeys back in time, filled our space with stories that warmed our hearts, and entrusted us with the precious celluloid chapters of your lives. Thank you for believing in The Scannery, for being the wind beneath our wings, and for reminding us that the past deserves a digital stage.

To our collaborators and suppliers, the silent partners in our time-travelling journey: with you, we learned, we grew, and we laughed our way through late-night deliveries of dusty boxes and even later brainstorming sessions about the latest digital formats. Thank you for being part of our ecosystem, for supplying the tools and technology that brought memories back to life.

And finally, to our family and friends, the cheerleaders behind the scenes: your unwavering support and encouragement were the soundtrack that kept us rewinding and replaying. Thank you for celebrating our triumphs, offering a hand through hiccups with finicky tapes, and reminding us that sometimes, the greatest treasures are the ones we share.

As we hang up our rewind buttons at The Scannery, remember this: it wasn't just a shop; it was a testament to the power of two, the magic of preserving the past, and the love that blooms when two souls help others relive their stories. We learned, we loved, we laughed, and we left a little piece of ourselves on every digitized tape and restored frame.

This isn't a rewind, it's a fast-forward. Our creative spirits haven't faded, so stay tuned for new adventures, fresh projects, and maybe, just maybe, a collaboration or two down the line.

Until then, raise a mug to the memories, the lessons learned, and the beautiful reel that was The Scannery. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, everyone.

With love and film splices (even though it's just the two of us!),

The Scannery

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