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Scan, Secure and Share Your Digital Archives

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

So you have digitised your archives - well done, what an immense task! Now you want to share them with your family, maybe some friends but most importantly, you want everything to remain secure. How?

The most important part of keeping your documents secured and shareable is where you store them. A simple tool such as Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive I find to be the best. You can automatically sync files/folders on your computer with the cloud, while also selecting specific files/folders to share with people. OneDrive and Google Drive encrypt everything (keep it under lock and key) while also you retain a copy on your own computer. In the event of flood/fire and your computer is irreparably damaged, everything is still safe.

Sharing files/documents is as simple as right clicking, click 'Share on Google Drive' or 'Share on OneDrive', copy a link and send it via email. That's all there is to sharing!

Other third party sharing tools are also available, such as Dropbox, and all of these tools have premium features which mean you can store more data on them.

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