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The Best Free Genealogy Tool

Genealogists are an amazing, warm and kind community. We all try to help one another wherever possible. I started my genealogy journey back in late 2016 and finally got my first set of DNA results in mid-2017. It wasn't until probably late 2018 that I discovered the best free genealogy tool out there and it was hiding right under my nose. The first thing I did was ask questions to family, checked whatever records I could easily find and that was ok until the brick walls started to pile up. One day I receive a message from a DNA match inviting me to his Facebook group of around 200 genealogists. This changed everything for me! I asked questions in relation to my brick walls I'd had for months and within minutes people would be knocking those walls down. It's important to ask the right questions and in the right way. People appreciate politeness (please and thank yous). I've since discovered so many more groups, including specialist groups in relation to where some of my ancestors were living at certain periods of time. People are certainly helpful, but it's an amazing feeling where you use the skilled you learn to help back.

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