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The Scannery

In 2019, I took my full time hobby of genealogy one step further and started to digitise my family archives - cine film, VHS tapes, camcorder tapes, slides, photos, documents, audio and more. When lockdown 2020 came, I had all of this equipment but was unable to see my family to get more. My wife-to-be Rebekah and I decided to start our new ventue, The Scannery, officially launched in May 2020.

Upon reflection, we are so pleased with our progress. Rebekah left her London mangerial position in February 2021 to take on The Scannery full time.

What was apparent in late 2020 was people were not going to be spending Christmas together as normal, but had many tapes of Christmas from long ago which they were able to relive in 2020.

Digitising my family archives has been so vitally helpful in my genealogy. Finding a video of my great-grandmother talking about her parents and grandparents, how she met my great-grandfather, seeing photos but most importantly, sharing with other people interested in my family tree.

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Mairtin O' Beaglaoich
Mairtin O' Beaglaoich
6 days ago

Are you the coward who didn't have the balls to come into my shop, but instead reported me to the police?

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