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My great-grandma tells us about her 2021?

In an cupboard unopened for many years, boxes of camcorder tapes from the 1990s. Among them, my great-grandparents various birthdays, my aunt's graduation, birth of cousins family events and more. There were 4 tapes that intrigued me which were labelled 'mum 1', 'mum 2', 'mum 3' and 'mum 4'. The tapes were recorded by my grandfather in the mid-1990s and then forgotten about. These tapes were my great-grandmother Steffi telling us her life story!

At the beginning of the tape, she and my grandfather talk about why anyone would be interested in her story. My grandfather asks her that if she could have the opportunity to listen to her mother or grandmother speak, would she take it? Steffi answers yes. My grandfather then explains that this is why they were doing this. How right he was!

Two and a half hours of Steffi speaking about her life, from her earliest memories being World War 1 all the way to the 'present day', but very interestingly about her time in Nazi Germany, which is another blog article for another time.

This scene below absolutely amazed me.

As soon as I saw this, I had a hunt for the originals, and they were in another cupboard in another suitcase in the same house. Without this video, we never would have known who these people were!

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