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Reuniting a 1935 Nazi-German Jewish Passport

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

In late October 2020, my wife-to-be Rebekah saw a Facebook post in a local group about a 1935 Nazi-Germany Jewish passport found in the middle of the street in the city we live in. I replied as soon as I saw it and offered to help find the family.

All we initially had was a surname, Wassermann. I got in contact with the woman who found the passport, Kay, who kindly provided me with photographs of inside the passport, allowing me to know who the individual was to track down the family. As we still do not know who has had the passport, I won't be revealing all details in this blog post of the individual!

To track down the family, I created a family tree for Mr Wassermann to try and find his family. I found that he had 1 descendant, who died a few years ago. I found a granddaughter of his sister through both MyHeritage as well as AJR (Association of Jewish Refugees). She was flabbergasted as to how the passport ended up in the middle of a St Albans street, and importantly is wondering where it has been, which is the last mystery remaining.

Finding relatives has been amazing, and being able to send them digital copies of the passport. I'm so pleased it was found by a good, decent and honest person, and that I came across the post on Facebook to help reunite it with the family.

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