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How DNA Helped Me

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

The most important part of DNA tests is who else does them. Without this, you have nothing to compare with.

I first saw my results in mid-2017 on MyHeritage, and have since taken an additional two tests and put my DNA on even more databases. The results have been an invaluable part of my research. Without DNA testing, I would be missing out on so much of what I have learnt about myself and my ancestors.

Additionally I have been fortunate enough to test both of my maternal grandparents, which I feel so fortunate to be able to have done. I do research for both of them and occasionally present them with my findings, which they seem to really enjoy! On my paternal side, I have found multiple matches on both sides of the family.

When you search using 'paper trails', there is only so far you can go. DNA matches can confirm those paper trails but also give you the opportunity to expand your horizens of traditional genealogy. If you find a close match but can't see a paper trail, you have the ability to message them and compare notes. Sometimes you don't know, sometimes you don't want to know and other times it's wonderful.

The test I recommend is Ancestry, as this can be uploaded onto other sites such as MyHeritage, FTDNA and GEDMatch. I haven't tested with 23&Me as of yet but one day I would like to.

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