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Digitising Your Family Archives

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

If you ask most that old scenario about if their house is burning down and there is only time to grab one thing, what would it be? Wedding albums, wedding videos, videos of when the kids were young?

My family have boxes, boxes and more boxes of videos and phones all scattered in different places. I've made it my personal mission to digitise the lot!

I've made a few discoveries along the way. A few days ago I digitised my great-grandmother's 85th birthday party video from 1995 which my uncle filmed. As she stands up and welcomes everybody, she mentions a woman of whom their grandmother's were sisters - a second cousin 3 times removed for me! Another video of my maternal great-grandfather's 89th birthday he talks about studying in Berlin as a young man.

Once I digitise the photos/videos, everything goes onto an external hard drive and the cloud. Once I have it on the cloud, I then share it with family members, giving them the opportunity to watch, download and pass on the memories. Crucially, if anything does happen such as fire, flood or any disasters, everything is backed up.

Over time, photos and videos can fade, especially when not stored properly. Those photos and videos are priceless. Can you afford to not digitise them?

Very soon I hope to be able to assist other families to digitise their archives.

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